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Portraits of New York

With the release of Portraits of New York by Kevin Naßhan and the Silent Explosion Orchestra, another CD was released on which I played my saxophone.

"Portraits of New York City" is the second studio album by the Silent Explosion Orchestra and was recorded by Saarländischer Rundfunk. The album sees itself as a declaration of love to the city of New York and describes the real experiences from the point of view of the band leader and drummer Kevin Naßhan, who composed the eight tracks on the album. In addition to classic big band swing and mainstream jazz, there are also classic elements and titles with a pop or R'n'B touch on the CD, which does justice to the great cultural diversity of the city. To underline this, the classic big band line-up with the two singers Svenja Hinzmann and Andreas Braun was supplemented by a classic string ensemble consisting of musicians from the Saarland State Orchestra and the German Radio Philharmonic, thus growing into a symphonic body of sound. The band brings together some of the most talented young jazz musicians from Saarbrücken, Mannheim, Mainz and Cologne, such as the outstanding soloists Fabian Schöne, Marko Mebus and Peter Hedrich. The arrangements were written by Jörg Achim Keller and Malte Schiller, two of the most renowned arrangers on the international big band scene. The album is aimed at all those who have already been able to visit this wonderful city, feel a certain wanderlust and recall their own stories and pictures, but also at all those who have not yet been able to travel to New York and in this way experience their own musical and visual journey through the city that never sleeps."


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